Here we are over Muskegeon, just about to go "feet wet" over Lake Michigan. Muskegeon Approach told us that there was no more parking at Oshkosh. We desperately tried to pick up Oshkosh ATIS most of the way over the lake to see if camping was available, but it sounded like somebody on the Michigan side of the lake was using that frequency for an approach frequency as well, so it was hard to pick up. We were nearly at the far shore when we finally heard that camping was full, but there were still some daily parking spots available.

We decided to try for Oshkosh anyway, and they started to vector us for the VOR 27 approach. There was a huge bank of clouds, and we asked for a lower altitude and they gave use 4,000 which put us just about level with the bases. At this point I told Greg that I'd have to assume PIC responsibilities as it looked like we were headed for IMC. We hit a shaft of rain and Oshkosh approach gave us extremely informal holding instructions. One turn around the hold and we came in just as VFR arrivals started coming back in on the other runway.

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